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March, 2018

  • 16 March

    SEE Question Paper | SEE Model Question Papers Set-2 PDF.

    Enjoy SEE Question Paper Set-2 ! So here we come with the the SEE Question Paper. Best of Luck Guys ! Read some exam tips before downloading your questions. Hello Learners how is your preparation going on? In this post we have posted SEE Question Paper Model Set-2 to sharpen your practice just before your SEE Exam. So here I came …

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  • 13 March

    SEE Question Paper 2074 | SEE 2074 Model Question Papers Set-1 PDF.


    Enjoy SEE Question Paper 2074 ! Now 5 days left to go for your dream ‘SEE 2074’.  So here we come with the the SEE Question Paper 2074. Best of Luck Guys ! Read some exam tips before downloading your questions. Hi there ! I know there is burning fire on your belly coz now you just have 5 days left for your SEE Examination 2074. So …

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January, 2018

  • 11 January

    Loksewa Online Quiz | General Knowledge Model Quiz.

    This is the first test quiz as Loksewa online Quiz we will update you with probable and authentic quiz regularly. Now enjoy with this sample quiz and don’t forget to suggest us. Happy preparation.

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  • 1 January

    Computer Operator Old Practical Question 2072 | Computer Practical Question

    Computer Practical Question Haapy New Year 2018 dear friends ! Hello Frenz how is your practical preparation going on? The practical exam is not about what you know is just about how you know and how you solve, so the universal manta for practical examination is ‘attempt as much questions as you can’. Again here I come to share the real …

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November, 2017

  • 21 November

    Computer Operator Old Practical Question 2071| Computer Practical Question

    Hello guys belated congratulation for your grand success on written exam of Computer Operator 2074 now it’s time to bang your practical preparation. So here I come to share the real computer practical question which have been compiled and composed by me as per as my memorization on some of my own couple of practical examination. I have been eager …

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June, 2016

  • 19 June

    Must learn Windows Shortcut Keys Quiz-1 | All IMP Windows Shortcuts.

    In this post I have tried to enroll all of the important Windows Shortcut keys for all of your Computer Exams. Hope it will help to rapid your computer task on the desk also. 1. To lock computer one should press……………key in a windows environment. A) Windows Key+L B) Windows Key+R C) Windows Key+U D) Ctrl+ L 2. ………. Key is pressed …

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  • 4 June

    Know how much number you scored on Loksewa Aayog Exam|PSC Marksheet.

    Now You can view your number that you scored on your last Loksewa Aayog Exam. At the beginning of this year Loksewa Aayog PSC again added a very valuable feature on its webpage, which is the appreciable effort on e-governance. And that amazing feature is now every competitor can view their total score number of their last Loksewa Aayog Exam by …

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