Earthquake updates on your phone|Android app.

No one can predict about the Richter Scale, location and every earthquake updates before it happens. So before the 25 April 2015, no Nepalese have downloaded any earthquake alert app on their phone for sure. But after this disaster most smartphone user have installed the Earthquake Updates & Alert android app on their phone coz it smartly provides us earthquake updates of every huge …

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Get paid whenever you touch your android phone.

How many times do you Swipe or unlock your Lock Screen throughout a day? If you allow me to guess then probably you swipe your Lock Pattern or Lock Screen more than 50 times a day. My count may be wrong if you are in a relationship and use to use your phone in every minute. 😉 Let me come …

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Earn money from your incoming calls.

Earn from your calls.

There are plenty of android apps which pays you when you use them,but it’s really hard to evaluate which one is really going to pay you and which one is just playing with your emotions 🙂 😉 . Here today I’m going to write about an amazing free android app which is really going to pay you right through your …

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