Get paid whenever you touch your android phone.

Earn money with phone
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How many times do you Swipe or unlock your Lock Screen throughout a day? If you allow me to guess then probably you swipe your Lock Pattern or Lock Screen more than 50 times a day. My count may be wrong if you are in a relationship and use to use your phone in every minute. 😉

Let me come to the point. Do you believe if someone pays you wherever you touch your own phone? Yes, that’s the point what I want to share with you.

Get paid by unlocking phone

I’m talking about an amazing android app which rewards you with credit whenever you touch your phone. And it’s absolutely true, and free of cost to use. For that you just have to have an Android phone and have to install this app.

The name of this app is “Swipr” which can be easily found in Google Play Store for free. After installing it on your phone you can register using either email or Facebook account. Now whenever you want to unlock your Lock Screen you will prompt an ads on your Lock Screen. If you want to learn more about that ads then you may Swipe left on screen and if you don’t want to do so then Swipe right on screen to get your home screen. Not that’s it, they will pay you a penny for that. It means you will get paid whenever you unlock your LockScreen. A notification message will be prompt on your notification bar of your phone on your every swipe and immediately your balance will be increased on your Swipr account. You can check your balance on your Dashboard of “Swipr” by opening the App.

There are lots of things to tell you about Swipr but for now lets have some Screenshots.

swipe and earn                           swpye and earn

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Why are they crazy to pay you ?

Actually Swipr transforms your lock screen into a advertising platform where this app displays beautiful and relevant content such as deals, ads, news and several others on your lock screen and reward you with credit after you see an ad. That’s the reason,I hope you just know why are they crazy. 😉
While you are on the lock screen simply swipe left to engage with the ad or swipe right to go to your home screen as usual. In my experience it doesn’t matter either you view the ad or not they will pay you. Isn’t a good news? 😀

How much do they pay ?

You only get paid Rs.0.1 on each swipe after you see an ad on your device. But when the app displays  any other content like Logo, Wallpapers, Quotes, Facts etc. are unpaid either you view them. There is a bad feature that the Swipr have, It have limit of maximum earning per day you can make with swipr ad view, which is set at Rs.8, which includes limit of maximum earning of Rs.1 per ad per day.

Do you have to invest something for it ? 

I’m not happy to tell you that to be credited using Swipr your location service must have to be enabled on your device otherwise you will not get credited unless location service is enabled. That means while you were swiping, your “Packet Data” should be on. Don’t worry the app do not use more than 50kb of data. But I suggest you if you use to be in a WiFi zone throughout the day, you must use it. Turn on your WiFi and Swipe as much as you can. 😉 😀 In other hand if you are using volume based data pack like me on your cell then its better to choose cheep ISP.

What I like most ?

SwyperGet paid by unlocking phone

Not only with unlocking your phone,you can also earn if you refer it with your friends.

You can earn Rs.5 as per referral.

Now let multiply your total friends * 5 = ……  😀

Here I have pointed some plus and minus point about Swipr. 


1. You can earn after you swipe your phone.

2. You may have info about your daily needs as ads on your screen.

3. Increase your G.K. without touching your Books. 😀

4. Refresh your eyes with wonderful wallpapers.

5. You can earn Rs. 5 when you refers it with your friends.


1. Swipr is in it’s Beta version so you may counter with some errors like black screen (without any ads,quotes or wallpapers).

2. You have turn on your Data If you wish to earn through it. (for your location Identification)

3. There is a limitation to earn with in a day.

4. There are some log in problem with your username to view dashboard via computer.

I hope this much for now……… 😉

Application Detail

Application:                Swipr
Updated:                      January 14, 2014
Size:                                2.0M
Current Version:       1.2.3 (Beta)
Requires Android:    2.3 and up
Developer:                   Yetistep Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Click here to  Install Swipr Via “Google Play”. 


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