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Let me introduce myself properly. I’m Hardik Lamichhane.  Professionally a  Permanent Government Non Gadget 2nd Class IT Person, a teacher and a Technology Geek, Webpage Designer from Nepalgunj. Most Importantly I’m a techno geek who spend lot of time on computing, webpage designing and part time blogging. Here I mostly blog about Loksewa Quiz, SEE/SLC Model Questions, Tips on Computer Exams vice versa.

I’m not an export but love to share humbly all those stuff what I love and know, which can help you much. So here you are to learn what I know and to share what you know.



I’m glad you are here. Happy surfing ! Have a good time.



  1. I have submit online application form of psc by mobile but can’t print my master id how I can print it to pay fee my master id no. 128626

    • Hi Suresh,
      Thanks for landing here.
      Actually while paying your registration fee of your vacancy PSC do not want the hardcopy of your master ID, so you can pay your fee by just telling them your master ID and Vacancy NO. of your required post. But it would be better if you have the printed copy.
      In other hand you can print or save you ID as PDF on Google Chrome from your mobile but not from OPERA MINI and so on. From opera you can take screenshots of your Master ID screen.
      Hope it helps you.

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