Earthquake updates on your phone|Android app.

No one can predict about the Richter Scale, location and every earthquakearthquake updatese updates before it happens. So before the 25 April 2015, no Nepalese have downloaded any earthquake alert app on their phone for sure. But after this disaster most smartphone user have installed the Earthquake Updates & Alert android app on their phone coz it smartly provides us earthquake updates of every huge and tiny shakes on our cell phone.

As we know till the date of today no one can predict about the upcoming quake neither its magnitude, epicenter not its affection area. But we can easily have many detailed of all those small and huge quakes when occurred anywhere thorough the globe 🙁 . And now we can get get earthquake updates even on our smart phone. We can get numbers of android and apple apps on the store and among them ‘Earthquake Alert !’ has been downloaded millions of times, I also love this app besides some bugs. You can receive notifications and earthquake updates with list of recent tremors including location or map earthquakes.

earthquake updates  earthquake updates

Recently having all these awesome features Nepali Department of Mines and Geology Center published a wonderful Nepali Earthquake Updates and Alert Android App with the help of developer. In my view it’s quite better than other earthquake updates android app. This app updates you about earthquake with local Magnitude of Earthquake in Richter Scale, Epicenter location, local occurred time even with previous records of shakes. The application officially named and can be found on Google Play Store as “Nepal Earthquake Updates”.

Whenever powerful earthquakes hits it marked the notifications in red while smaller ones are marked in green. In other hand users can choose to filter quakes by their intensity, distance from you or by the time and even it lets you  send the news to others via other messaging apps.

Application Detail:

App Name: “Nepal Earthquake Updates”

Updated on: May 18, 2015
App Size :2.6M
Downloads Over: 50,000
Current Version: 1.2
Requires Android: 4.0.3 and up

Click here to Install ”Nepal Earthquake Updates’ from Google Play Store.


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  1. Nice app but it needs fine data connection to update. In short this is one of the best earthquake update android app. Thanks for sharing.

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