Wednesday , 20 September 2017
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Must learn Windows Shortcut Keys Quiz-1 | All IMP Windows Shortcuts.

In this post I have tried to enroll all of the important Windows Shortcut keys for all of your Computer Exams. Hope it will help to rapid your computer task on the desk also. 1. To lock computer one should press……………key in a windows environment. A) Windows Key+L B) Windows Key+R C) Windows Key+U D) Ctrl+ L 2. ………. Key is pressed …

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Know how much number you scored on Loksewa Aayog Exam|PSC Marksheet.

Now You can view your number that you scored on your last Loksewa Aayog Exam. At the beginning of this year Loksewa Aayog PSC again added a very valuable feature on its webpage, which is the appreciable effort on e-governance. And that amazing feature is now every competitor can view their total score number of their last Loksewa Aayog Exam by …

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SLC 2072 Question Papers |SLC 2072 Question Papers of all subject PDF File.

Now 5 days left to go for your dream ‘SLC 2072’,  So here we come with the the SLC 2072 Question Papers. Best of Luck Guys ! Read some exam tips before downloading your questions. Hi there ! I know there is burning fire on your belly coz now you just have 6 days left for your SLC Examination 2072. So here I came with the SLC …

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SLC Letter Grading System |Detail about SLC 2072 PDF File.

SLC Letter Grading System For SLC 2072. Hi there, as we all already know about the SLC Letter Grading System from this SLC 2072. According to my experience so many of we are still in confusion about the actual concept of Letter Grading System. So here I’want to present you the actual concept of this connection in detail which was …

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SLC 2072 Jumbled Question Model Sets|SLC 2072 Question.

Latest Post: Download SLC 2072 Question Papers. Hey guys! How your preparation for SLC 2072 is going on this Blockade (Nakabandi) period? Hope you are on your way whatever our political situation is. Here I’m going to present you the SLC 2072 Question for your better practice. Let’s come to the point, as you know that your SLC 2072 examination …

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The life of Lord Buddha. | Story from Siddhartha Gautam to Buddha.

The Lord Buddha and his life itself a stream which can’t be described by some mere posts but here I’m trying to get you closer about the life of Buddha. So here I have divided it in some individual posts for the different parts of the life of Lord Buddha. After reading this post you will be able to know …

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Born of Lord Buddha | Where was Buddha born ?

This post contain a brief knowledge about: * Born of Lord Buddha. * Where was Buddha born ? * Born place of Buddha. * Where Lord Buddha spend his childhood ? * How did Siddhartha Gautam (Buddha) spend his childhood ? * What lead Prince Siddhartha Gautam to leave his luxurious life ? * And all the facts about the born …

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HSEB Papers 2072|+2 Papers 2072 |HSEB Class 11 and Class 12 papers -Set 1.

HSEB papers 2072

This post contains HSEB Papers 2072 , +2 paper 2072 of Class 11 and Class 12 Paper of 2072 as 1st Set. We all know the postponed exam of HSEB 2072 will going to be held from 20th of Jestha 2072 (Class 12) and from 3rd of Asar 2072 (Class 11). Firstly exam routine was from Baishakh but by the …

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What happened to those SLC Papers after the Earthquake?

After Nepal Earthquake 12th, 13th and 29th Baishakh 2072, numbers of SLC students are in terror and many questions are jumping on their mind throughout the Nepal. So we can say even who lived the Nepal earthquake are still on terror on various point of view. These are the questions which are the talk of the town of these days: …

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Exam tips and tricks to go confidently in SLC.

exam tips

Lets have some exam tips before you go for your SLC. Taking care of your precious time I want to suggest and share some important exam tips or do’es and don’ts before you go for your exam in some clear points with bullets. SLC causes the huge mental pressure not by itself but in fact given by our society, family, schools, …

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