iPhone X Max Price in India / Nepal | Features of iPhone X Max

Now the long wait is over and finally Apple is launching its 3 version of latest iPhone X. Among the three most awaited version is iPhone X Max. On 12th of September Apple is launching iPhone XS, iPhone X Max and iPhone Xs so here we are to discuss and predict about the price and specification of iPhone X Plus Price in India / Nepal. The official announcement will on 12th September and release date will on probably third week of October.

iPhone X Plus Price in India & Nepal. (iPhone X Max)

iPhone X Plus Specification Predictions:

  1. 6.5 inch OLED Screen
  2. Extend Battery Life
  3. Triple Lens Rear facing camera (Best features of iPhone x plus)
  4. 3000mAh battery
  5. 4 gb Ram
  6. Rom version will be of 64GB and 128 GB (In south Asia only 64GB will be available)
  7. Release Date Unofficial: 25th October 2018
  8. Unofficial Price in India/Nepal will be IRS. 115000.

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