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Computer Practical Question

Haapy New Year 2018 dear friends !

Hello Frenz how is your practical preparation going on? The practical exam is not about what you know is just about how you know and how you solve, so the universal manta for practical examination is ‘attempt as much questions as you can’.

Again here I come to share the real computer practical question which have been compiled and composed by me as per as my memorization on some of my own couple of practical examination.
I have been eager to share my humble experience of computer practical examination with Real Question Paper asked on various Co and ACO exam from 2070 to 2074.

So here in this post I’m sharing the Real Practical Question of 2072 from Computer Operator Practical Examination 2072.

Click Here to View 2071’s Old Practical Question

Assure yourself with the preview of the Question Paper below from my Google drive. You can download the Practical Question Paper as PDF file for your offline purpose.

Computer Operator Practical Exam Question


Click the button below to download the Question on PDF Format.

I will post another question next week please stay updated with us.

अ‍र्को  यस्तै वास्तवीक प्रश्नपत्र सेट छिट्टै पोष्ट हुँदैछ, कृपया लाइक सेयर र Subscribe गर्नुहोला ।


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