Largest in the World | Biggest in the World | सन्सारकै सबैभन्दा ठुला ?

Know which are largest in the world.

Hello friends in this post I’m going to list out some most important general knowledge and that is about the largest in the world. In short what are the biggest things in the world? It may cover natural biggest things, man made biggest things and so on.

Now lets list out biggest in the world.

Ocean             Pacific Ocean

River              Amazon (South America)

Island            Greenland (Denmark)

Desert           Sahara (Africa)

Zoo               Henry Doorle Zoo and Aquarium, America (According to animal population)

Zoo               Red Mccombs Wildlife Zoo, America (According to the area)

Sea                Caspian Sea (3,71,000 km2)

Building        The Pentagon, America (According to the area)

Museum        British Museum (United Kingdom)

Bell                Tsar Bell (Russia)

Airline            Delta (America)

Airport          Beijing Capital International Airport

more will be added soon……

Watch the video below for the Loksewa Quiz about World Biggest Things


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