Shahrukh Khan in Nepali Dress on his birthday.

We love those online gossips which are about Nepal and Nepali especially when any Bollywood members use to be connected with us. We start to love them who loves Nepal and who follow our  tradition or  so on even only in ‘reel life’. That’s why without being a Shahrukh’ fan I cant help myself to write this post about him. 😉 Actually today is the birthday of Bollywood king Khan Shahrukh Khan. While I was in front of my TV screen a Indian entertainment Television was broadcasting a special program about SRK’s birthday party where they have shown a old photograph of Shahruk Khan’s couple . In fact this picture was framed on Shahrukh and Gauri’s honeymoon tour where Shahrukh is wearing Nepali Dhaka Topi and Gauri is in eastern Nepali Choli and on this pic they are looking incredible in Nepali dress. Here is the Photograph where you can see SRK in Nepali Dress with his wife Gauri Khan.

shahrukh in nepali dress
Shahrukh and Gauri in Nepali Dress/Photo credit: Zoom TV

Anyway Happy Birthday Shahrukh on your 49th birthday from behave of

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