SLC Letter Grading System |Detail about SLC 2072 PDF File.

SLC Letter Grading System For SLC 2072.

Hi there, as we all already know about the SLC Letter Grading System from this SLC 2072. According to my experience so many of we are still in confusion about the actual concept of Letter Grading System. So here I’want to present you the actual concept of this connection in detail which was derived from the article of National Curriculum Department Center. For your ease I have created a PDF file for you offline use please download the file if needed form the link given below which will help you to know about letter grading system for SLC in Nepali.

PDF File about SLC Letter Grading System SlC 2072

Before going detail about this connecting I want to share you how your mark sheet will be appear after this letter grading system please have a look.


SLC Letter Grading
Student MarkSheet After SLC Letter Grading 2072

According to the image above you can see all your practical, theoretical marks, Total Marks will be indicated via letter grading like A+, A, B+ viceversa. Here as far as my assumption all the difficulty to understand the mark scheme of a students will be at his/her in the last column and that is Grade Point where your code of Grade will be indicated instead of you Grand Total marks of a particular subjects. To understand it clearly I refer you to Download or Read the PDF file by clicking Here.

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  1. Hardik
    Respected sir and madam !
    I need to some information about letter grading system, which is implemented from 2072 in Nepal. So, I want to know its, introduction, objectives, advantages/ disadvantages, it’s relevance, it’s challenges while implementing. Would you Please send me some materials related to letter grading system. Email.-

  2. for reading management in which subject which grade is necessery I have got d grade on science and optional math plz reply

  3. wolfyoutu maharjan

    My sis got 30 in com math in this new slc grading system. Is she failed ? Does she need to give compart? Please tell me all about this grading system.

    • Hello Reader..
      If you got ‘D’ grade on any one or two subject then you can attend chance exam to improve your grade on those subjects.
      All the best for your sister.
      Thanks for commenting.

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