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Hello friends all the very best for your next Computer Operator Exam 2075. This post contains the correct answer of some questions which have listed wrong on Computer Operator Google Books. (version I to version VII)

Scroll Down To Download Corrected Answer Sheet Of Google Books I to VII

यस पाेष्टमा Computer Operator Google Books मा रहेका गलत उत्तरहरुलाइ केलाएर  तिनका सहि उत्तरहरु पेश गरेकाे छु । याे Correction मैले गुगल अपरेटर किताबकाे चाैथाे स‌करणतकाे बेला बनाएता पनि गुगलले यि उत्तरलाइ अाज साताैँ स‌स्करण सम्म पनि सच्याएकाे छैन । अत तपाइ अझै पनि ति गलत उत्तर पठदै र धारणा बनाउँदै हुनुहुन्छ । यद्दपी गुगल एक उत्कृष्ट किताब हाे र यसमा भएको गलति एक अर्काे पाटाे हाे ।

Download  Computer Operator Real Old Question Paper, Click Here.

On my first attempt for Computer Operator Exam on 2070 I’ve successfully Passed Written Exam. And I had this success with the help of the book (Operator Google) and the site www.icttrends.com managed by respected Guru Suresh Khanal obviously along with my hard work. During BS 2070 to BS 2073  I have been selected for Practical exam regularly for 4 times. I’ve eaten up the book may be 8 times and so on. And in that period I have pointed all the mistakes on book myself and have done much of researches for correct answer. So here today i’m going to share those mistakes with the correct solution. You can download the File as PDF too.

Here is the Preview of the File.

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  1. Here in answer sheet.. ‘Old’ means Wrong answer in CO Book and ‘New’ means Correct answer Pointed by me.
    Happy preparation guys.

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