New teej songs 2075 | Download new teej songs 2075.

New Teej Songs

Hello there here are some list of best new teej songs providers who are uploading the awesome teej video songs, so lets get started. The biggest celebration of teej 2075 is on the floor. Teej is the most important festival for a hindu woman in Nepal. Traditionally teej has been celebrated by ladies taking fast for the good health of …

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Political leaders dancing on Piratiko Chhata | Parody Version of Jaalma.

Prachanda dancing

Have you ever seen your Political leaders dancing on a Blockbuster song like तिमी पिरतीकाे छाता अाेढाउ न ? ‘Jaalma’ the title song of movie ‘Resham Filili’ had grabbed grand success and made viral on YouTube before a couple of month of it’s release date 2072 Baishak 12. The song made producers to collect their investment of entire movie only through …

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Shahrukh Khan in Nepali Dress on his birthday.

We love those online gossips which are about Nepal and Nepali especially when any Bollywood members use to be connected with us. We start to love them who loves Nepal and who follow our  tradition or  so on even only in ‘reel life’. That’s why without being a Shahrukh’ fan I cant help myself to write this post about him. 😉 …

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PK | Official reveal of Amir Khan’s character in PK.

Finally this year’s most awaited Amir Khan’s movie PK official teaser is out now. After watching this teaser literary you would know what the PK is. In the movie we can see Amir as an Alien from another planet who is now on our earth and trying to adjust over here. According to an Alien’s character Rajkumar Hirani presented Amir as a …

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Mr. Bean blended into historical paintings.

If you are also a die-hard fan of Mr. Bean like me then you are in proper page. I’m a great fan of Mr. Bean that’s why my PC hard drive do have plenty GB of movie of Mr. Bean 😀 . I guess you already know that Mr. Bean (Rowan Atkinson) can make people laugh by just his body language …

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Truth on Anju Pant controversy. (with video)

These days every media and social media are busy to covering the news about the controversy of Anju Pant. But every man has his own story about this connection. Actually me also a fan of Anju’s voice that’s why when I heard this news first I was not ready to believe that how could famous icon like Anju could create …

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Nepali Sunny Leon (with video) | Gaijatra Parody Song.

How can our film industry would not be inspired by Bollywood actress Sunny Leon and her fame. There is no wonder if any peace of entertainment found inspired by another in this planet.  But copying (I prefer to use the word ‘copy’ instead of inspire 😀 ) is also a kind of creativity. In the contest of Nepali entertainment zone …

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Sunil Thapa as a Boxing instructor of Priyanka Chopra

The leading legendary Nepali Actor Sunil Thapa (Rate Kaila) is going to be appear again in a Bollywood movie with Priyanka chopra. But this time he is going to show his skill through a big banner of supper hit director Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

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