New teej songs 2075 | Watch new teej songs.

Hello there here are some list of best new teej songs providers who are uploading the awesome teej video songs, so lets get started.

The biggest celebration of teej 2075 is on the floor. Teej is the most important festival for a hindu woman in Nepal. Traditionally teej has been celebrated by ladies taking fast for the good health of their husband or for the wish to have a perfect husband as the girl’s dream. But in these modern days Men are also being involved in teej celebration, they help their wife when she is in fast. Red Sari, Jewelries, fruits, fasting and dancing-singing are the synonymy of teej. Generally teej falls on the month of Bhadra.

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Now let me present the list of New Teej Songs collection of 2075. Here are some list of Youtube Channel which have some new videos of New Teej Songs where you can get your preferred videos for this teez 2075.

  1. Music Nepal:  is the oldest Nepali music company which have plenty of teej songs collection.
  2. Dhital Films & Music: is one of the famous folk nepali songs provider including teez song.
  3. Bindabasini Music: is also famous for the best teez songs provider every year.
  4. Shiva Darshan Films Pvt. Ltd: this music company’s teez song been always super hit.
  5. Bulbul Media: music of bulbul media being on trenz nowadays so it could be your choice.
  6. Heartbeat Nepal: is a rising music channel for teez song you must watch.
  7. Tareli Sangeet Kunj: the oldest folk music company for teez songs.
  8. Sutra Entertainment: is also best source for your teez song search 2075.
  9. Samjhana Digital: is also another choice for your teez song collection.
  10. GURUAAMA FILMS: you must watch this channel for song of khuman adhikari.

Here is my best song for this teez 2075, enjoy with your own.

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