The life of Lord Buddha. | Story from Siddhartha Gautam to Buddha.

The Lord Buddha and his life itself a stream which can’t be described by some mere posts but here I’m trying to get you closer about the life of Buddha. So here I have divided it in some individual posts for the different parts of the life of Lord Buddha.

After reading this post you will be able to know all the following facts about the Lord Buddha:

  • Who was Buddha?

  • Where Buddha was born?

  • How Siddhartha Gautam became The Lord Buddha?

  • How a prince become Buddha?

  • About the born of Lord Buddha?

  • What are the four sights of Buddha?

  • What are the noble truths by Buddha?

  • What are the teaching and learning of Buddha?

  • And many more…


The Life of Lord Buddha -in Summery.

Initially Lord Buddha was a prince who gave up everything in life- power, wealth, comfort as well as his loved ones in order to seek the ultimate truth of life.

Siddhartha Gautam (Lord Buddha) was born to queen Mahamaya and king Suddhodan of ‘Kapilbastu’. In this modern age Kapilbastu lies in ‘Lumbini’ zone of Nepal as ‘Kapilbastu’ district. Right after his birth the king’s wise advisors predicted that the newborn prince would grow up to be either a great king or great sage.

A few days after her son’s birth queen Mahamaya died. Siddhartha grew up in the lap of all kinds of luxuries and comfort. King Suddhodan was especially careful in shielding his son from any such sight or scene that could generate in him the desire to become a sage.

He also had Siddhartha married off at a very young age to the beautiful and gentle Yashodhara, and soon a son was born to the young couple.

Siddhartha had now been tied strongly and absolutely to worldly life- its duties and attachments.

But fate had something else in stores for the young prince who was destined to be The Buddha, the enlightened one-one of the greatest sages ever known to mankind.


This is the story about the life of The Lord Buddha where I have presented in Summary version.

Please go through the following posts for the more broad knowledge about Buddha and his life where I have divided the full post to four individual informative topic-wise posts.

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  1. Where Buddha was born?|Born of Lord Buddha.

  2. Four sights of Buddha.

  3. What are the noble truths of Buddha?

  4. Teachings and learning of Buddha.

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