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Hello Learners how is your preparation for SEE 2076 going on? We want to wish for your better preparation and all the best for you see exam 2076.

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Today NEB Posted the exam shedule for SEE 2076. According to the exam shedule SEE Exam 2076 will be held from 6th of 2076 Chaitra २०७६ चैत्र ६ गते बिहिबार to 17th of Chaitra.

I have posted the ream image file of the shedule whatever for your ease here is the textual presentation of that shedule.

  1.  Compulsury English——– Chaitra 06, 2076
  2. Compulsury Nepali ——— Chaitra 07, 2076
  3. Saturday ——-holiday—– Chaitra 08, 2076
  4. Compulsury Math———– Chaitra 09, 2076
  5. Compulsury Science——— Chaitra 10, 2076
  6. Compulsury Social ———- Chaitra 11, 2076
  7. Compulsury HPE ———— Chaitra 12, 2076
  8. Optional First—————– Chaitra 13, 2076
  9. Optional Second ————- Chaitra 14, 2076

This is the time to stop your deep preparation and start to revise and recall your learning. 😀 So, for you kind info we have posted all the model questions and real quesitons of 2075. Don’t forget to check and practice all the see exam model sets Click here to check all Model Sets;


SEE Routine 2076

“Some tips to know before you go for an exam”.

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Click Link Below to Download SEE  Exam Routine for 2076

  1. SEE Routine 2076 ( image file)


SEE Routine 2076

We have seperated all the Questions Key as Set-1 set-2 and so on. So Don’t forget to check all the SETS for all subject. Face more questons to be perfect on every chapter.

Practice makes human perfect. 😉

English, Nepali, Science, Math, Economics, Optional Math, Education, Account, Computer and all optional/elective subject question are in next post. As in my previous post here also you can download all the question paper of SEE 2075 question paper in a single pack as zipped file.

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