Truth on Anju Pant controversy. (with video)

These days every media and social media are busy to covering the news about the controversy of Anju Pant. But every man has his own story about this connection. Actually me also a fan of Anju’s voice that’s why when I heard this news first I was not ready to believe that how could famous icon like Anju could create such rubbish controversy. One of my friend shared a news about it where I commented him that she may not be so rude so we must not abuse her before we have got any prove. Meanwhile this compel me to find and know the truth.

Here I want to share you what is the truth about the Anju Pant’s statement with video prove.
Lets have a video which will reveal the truth about what Anju Pant said. With her own lips she is telling the story what happen on that recording studio.

Video no. 1

Video source: Youtube channel 'Nepal Japan'

I hope now you got the point on this topic. Yes, Anju Pan’t was actually intentionally dominating and abusing some religion. We know she just have changed her religion and nowadays she is adopting another religion and in my view this is not a big deal. But here the point is that why she is pulling this racism on her profession?

Now again watch Video no. 2 where Anju Pant is appealing to her viewer not to trap her in such controversy. This video amazed me that she is not just a good singer but she is the best actor also. Because when you compare both videos you may find she is telling us totally different things at all.

Video no. 2

Video source: Youtube channel 'DC Video'

Now please think yourself and analyze what is the truth and who did the mistake. But for now I wanna wish Anju Pant for her more bright future in Nepali Music industry and I hop that her fan will excuse her for all the shit. 😀

If you do have your own view on this topic please convey them over here as comment below.

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