Nepali Sunny Leon (with video) | Gaijatra Parody Song.

How can our film industry would not be inspired by Bollywood actress Sunny Leon and her fame. There is no wonder if any peace of entertainment found inspired by another in this planet.  But copying (I prefer to use the word ‘copy’ instead of inspire 😀 ) is also a kind of creativity. In the contest of Nepali entertainment zone there are plenty of items which are copied from another industry whatever some of them are fabulous and some are ridiculous. Being frank it’s a fact that Bollywood use to copy the way of Hollywood and including Nepali Kollywood another industry also use to follow Bollywood. Now let me share you why I’m just talking about this mere rubbish.

Actually while  today I was you-tubing about funny Nepali item I had got a wonderful video which refreshed me a lot. In fact the video is Nepali version of popular Bollywood number “Baby Doll” of Sunny Leon. this parody song Baby Doll Nepali version is created by MusicNepalPvtLtd and produced by famous comedian Daman Rupakheti with his crew. Actually this song is created as a Gaijatra item of 2071 which is only for the amusement and entertainment at the day of ‘Gaijatra’, a day of satire. The song really make my day smile especially I love lyrics which satires our political environment.

Finally have a look and be refreshed with this Nepali Baby Doll.

Nepali Sunny Leon with Baby Doll


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